Uptime Guarantee:

Uptime Guarantee Terms, Conditions and SLA:

♦ 99.9% uptie SLA guarantee is only appicable to the Linux based plans including Unlimited Hosting, Linux Reseller Hosting.

♦ Uptime SLA do not cover VPS hosting, Dedicated Servers or any Windows based services.

♦ As per this agreement, if we cannot able to deliver 99.9% uptime to the said plans above, we will refund the amount to the customer up to 100%.

♦ This SLA does not cover any of the damages or reputation loss happen to your organization or an individual.

♦ The refund amount will be added as credits to your existing account, we do not refund any money in this case.

♦ Agreeing to the T&C of Hostocol means you agree to this policy as well, failing to do so will result in cancellation and termination of your account.

♦ Uptime will be calculated based on the network and server availability, not based on the individual website status.

♦ A support agent must confirm and give notes that there is a downtime such observations only be considered.

♦ The given credits to the account cannot be refunded as money in whatsoever circumstances.

♦ Scheduled maintainances cannot be assumed as a downtime, they are performed to make the servers better and secure.

SLA Requirements

♦ For 1 hour or above downtime we will refund 20% of your monthly charge.

♦ For 2 hours or above downtime we will refund 40% of your monthly charge.

♦ For 3 hours or above downtime we will refund 60& of your monthly charge.

♦ For 5 hours or above downtime we will refund 80% of your monthly charge.

♦ For 10 hours or above up to unlimited downtime we will refund 100% of your monthly charge.

How to get Refund Credits?

♦ If you experience the above said downtime, you must contact the support or raise a ticket to the billing department by sending an email to billing(at)hostocol.in.

♦ It will take 24 to 48 hours in order to investigate about your downtime and process the refund.

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